MES Center for Product Development and Analytical Testing [CPDAT]: A Unique Extension Activity at College Level Since 1999 having Industrial Applications of knowledge of Chemistry

Dr. M.V. Paradkar (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. H. G. Damle (former Head)
Dr. A. D. Natu (former Head )
Dr. R.C. Chikate (Head)

have significantly contributed towards the process development and consultancy work undertaken by MES Center for Product Development & Analytical Testing (CPDAT).

Aims and Objectives of CPDAT

  • Utilization of basic research for Industrial applications
  • Bridging gap between Academia and Industry
  • Development of research aptitude in students
  • Increasing job potential of students through training
  • Self sustaining attitude; need of the hour
  • Development of products and processes for pharmaceutical, dyes and agro-chemical industries
  • Development of intermediates for drugs on cancer treatment
  • Analytical testing for industries

The areas covered under CPDAT include

  • Process development for drug intermediates
  • Synthesis of biologically important compounds
  • Analytical testing

Notable work carried out by CPDAT includes:

  • Specs, Holland
  • Wanbury Limited, Mumbai
  • Auro fine chemicals, Pune
  • Deepak Nitrites, Pune
  • Maitreya polymers, Satara
  • Chemtech Laboratories, Pune
  • Fenix Technologies Ltd., Pune
  • IR/UV testing for various colleges

Resource generation through liaison with various industries in association with CPDAT [May 2012 to April 2013]
Faculty involved in Consultancy Work:
Chemistry: Dr. A.D. Natu and Dr. R.C. Chikate

Microbiology: Dr. B.D. Bhole

  • Synthesis of Drug intermediates
  • Synthesis of Samples for screening
  • Analysis of Dried peanut samples
Sr. No. Name of the organization Nature of work Revenue Generated (Rs.)
1 Specs and Biospecs, Holland Drug Intermediate(Chemistry) 13,125.00
2 Specs and Biospecs, Holland Samples for Testing (Chemistry) 900.00
3 Tri-diagonal Solutions, Pune Sample Analysis(Microbiology) 18,000.00
4 Tri-diagonal Solutions, Pune Sample Analysis(Microbiology) 19,350.00
Total : Rs. 51,375.00

Projects successfully completed under CPDAT