Research Committee

The Research Committee at Abasaheb Garware College

The Research Committee of the college has been instituted to deploy all the research activities of the college. The primary mandate of this committee is to monitor and promote the research carried out by individual teachers of all the departments of the college. The committee is composed of a cross section of teachers across both the Science and Arts faculties of the college.

The areas of work of this committee include:

  • To facilitate the preparation and sending of research proposals to various funding agencies.
  • To primarily approve the research proposals.
  • To monitor the research activities, including Conferences, Symposia and Workshops being included by the college.
  • To compile the research activities of the college, annually and publish the R’search@agc.


Dr. Ankur Patwardhan
Dr. Shobha Waghmode
Dr. Supriya Patil
Dr. Nirbhay Pimple
Dr. Lata Kadam
Dr. Preeti Kulkarni
Dr. Vaishali Javdekar
Dr. Ashok Bankar
Dr. Jaya Limbore



Workshop on Research Methodology: