Collaborations and MOUS

Department of Chemistry has signed MoU with “National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)”, Sendai, Japan for collaborative work entitled “Development of Sustainable Catalytic Reaction System using CO2-water” funded by MEXT’s FY2010 special coordination funds for promoting Science & Technology. It involved development of solid catalysts for sustainable production system in high temperature liquid water and/or compressed CO2 solvent. Dr. Chikate has contributed towards synthesis and characterization of catalysts used in this collaborative work. These catalysts were screened at NCL under the supervision of Dr. C.V. Rode (Team Leader; Indian counterpart) or at AIST in collaboration with Dr. Shirai (Team Leader, Japan). It has resulted in exchange visits and joint publications.

Department of Biotechnology has signed MoU with Sula Vineyards, Nashik Vintners, Nashik for undertaking a research project entitled “A biotechnological solution for Brettanomyces spoilage of red wine”. Through this project, the department appointed a project fellow and procured some equipment.

Department of Biodiversity has MoU with RANWA under the project entitled “Inventorization of provisional eco-system services of selected sacred natural sites through community participation from Western Ghats of Maharashtra”; a joint research project sponsored by DST. Biodiversity department conducts lab related activities like seed germination trials while RANWA is involved in field-related activities.