Principal’s Message


Maharashtra Education Society is known as one of the leading educational institutions in the country today.  Established in 1860, this Society has an enviable history of service.  This educational society was started by Shri. Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Shri. Waman Prabhakar Bhave and Shri. Laxman Narhar Indapurkar.  The founding fathers dreamed of bringing into the mainstream a generation driven by nationalistic zeal, strong character and ethical values.  That principle holds good even today.  The seed sown by the founders has now grown into a massive tree of knowledge, spreading its branches far and wide.  One of the strongest branches of MES is the Abasaheb Garware College (Autonomous).  This college was established in 1945 and was given autonomy by the UGC in 2021.  Today the fame of this college has spread all over the country and its esteemed alumni are scattered all over the world.  The College is constantly taking efforts to make its students aware of the lofty lineage of their institution and to uphold the tradition of ethical values in their future lives as well.  It is the aim of Abasaheb Garware College to impart to our students an education that will not only equip them for a career but also contribute to their overall development and instill in them a feeling of commitment towards nation, environment and universal brotherhood.  In order to make our students capable enough to fit into the competitive global scenario, the college is taking proactive steps to develop skill-based courses that will channelize their creativity and encourage entrepreneurship.  Abasaheb Garware College aims to reach students from all strata of society and it is the constant endeavour of the management to balance the formal syllabus with value-added courses that widen the cultural understanding of the students.

Fresh courses and syllabi have been developed in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020.  The implementation of the NEP 2020 began with the academic year 2023 -2024.  Through this we hope to have students who will be qualified enough to compete at the global level.  Seven decades have passed since the establishment of our college.  During this long period, the college has made immeasurable progress.  The college has expanded from Junior college level to senior college to research level.  The student is the most important stakeholder in the college and keeping this in mind, the college currently has 25 undergraduate, 19 post graduate and 8 Ph.D. research centers.  The college also runs the B.Voc course.  The college is equipped with classrooms, laboratories, a spacious playground and a well-equipped gymnasium.

The Twenty first century is witness to new innovations in science and knowledge.  Keeping that in mind, the college has qualified faculty and dedicated non-teaching staff whose sole aim is to provide encouragement and incentive to the students to reach their goal.  Students have the option to choose from courses aimed at developing their creativity.  We hope that this will help our students to become sensitive and able world citizens who will succeed in their chosen fields with full confidence and vigour.  Our alumni are spread across the fields of arts, politics, education, science and technology.  NAAC awarded our college “B +” grade in 2005. “A” grade with CGPA 3.15 in 2010 and “A” grade with CGPA 3.25 in 2016, which has been extended up to December 2027 due to grant of autonomous status by UGC and SPPU in the year 2021.    The college has also received the ‘Best College Award’ from SPPU.  The college was awarded the ‘Star College Plan’ by the government’s DBT.  The governing body of the college is an extremely broad-minded entity, working solely towards the progress and development of the college.  We are extremely proud to have a governing body that supports us every step of the way in our endeavor of developing a college that aims to move constantly towards excellence in all fields.

Prof.(Dr.) Vilas Ugale