Sports activities have improved significantly, with the Director of Physical Education (Dr. Asha Bengle) actively promoting indoor and outdoor games. Several students have participated in games at the Zonal, State and National levels and won accolades for the same.

The last five years has seen an increase in participation of our students in sports at all levels (University, Inter-zonal, Inter collegiate, State and National). Students have won medals in Shooting. Archery, Body Physique and Karate at the Inter-University, State and National levels.

Host-ship for Pune city Zonal Sports Committee was presided over by the Prin. S. G. Gupta with the help of Dr. Asha Bengle as Secretary, for consecutive academic years 2010-11 and 2011-12. A sport leadership for Pune city was bestowed on our college for two consecutive years and organization of sports activity was done on the campus. Diverse sports events took place in this college itself and immensely motivated our students to participate and excel the sports.

Summary of Sports Activities and Awards for the period 2010-15