National Cadet Corps (NCC)



After independence, there was a public demand that military training should be given to the youth of the country in national interest for molding the character of young men and woman on right path. Youth is the cream of society and real wealth of nation. It is on their quality that the greatness of the nation depands, because the youth of the today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Introduction of NCC in the colleges:

The government of India passed an act in the Parliament to form the National Cadet Corps in the year 1948.

 Aims of NCC. 

  1. To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular out look, spirit of adventure and the ideal of selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens.
  2. To create, a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life, including Armed forces and always available to serve the nation.
  3. To create, a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up career in the Armed forces.

 Cardinals of Discipline:

  1. Obey with smile.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Work hard without fuss.
  4. Make no excuses and tell no lies.

Moto of NCC: Unity and Discipline.

NCC Day: Every Fourth Sunday of November is celebrated as NCC Day.

 Structure of training: 3 Years

           I Year: Introduction and Parade training.

           II Year: Parade training, Service subjects, various camps, “B” Certificate examination

           III Year: Parade training, Service subjects, various camps, “C” Certificate examination


  1. He / She must be the bonafied student of the college.
  2. Physically fit.
  3. Ready to accept the challenges.

 Certificate Examinations:

  1. “B” Certificate: To appear cadet must have undergone training of two years in senior division/ wing with minimum 75% attendance. Must have attended one Annual training Camp
  2. “C” Certificate: To appear cadet must be in possession of “B” Certificate. Must have 75% attendance. Must have attended two Annual training Camps.

 Grading in Certificate Examinations:

  1. A grade – 80% and above
  2. B grade – below 80% and above 65 %
  3. C grade – 50 %

Camps Conducted by NCC at Unit, Group, State and National level:

  1. Combined Annual Training Camp (ATC)
  2. Basic Leadership Camp (BLC)
  3. Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC)
  4. Republic Day Parade Camp (RDC)
  5. Independence Day Camp (IDC)
  6. National Integration Camp
  7. Ship Attachment Camp
  8. Sea Training Camp
  9. Sailing Expedition Camp
  10. Mountaineering Camp
  11. Nau Sainik Camp
  12. Thal Sainik Camp
  13. Vayu Sainik camp
  14. Para trooping Camp
  15. Air Force Attachment Camp
  16. Trekking Expedition Camp…. Etc.





1. NAVAL WING NCC: Attached to 3, Mah Naval Unit NCC, Pune

Vacancies: 50        : Boys- 35, Girls- 15

 Lt Cdr D.K.Kamble (Dept of Physics) is In charge of NAVAL WING NCC

The parades are conducted at Abasaheb Garware College ground on every Sunday.


2. ARMY WING NCC: Attached to 2, Maharashtra Battalion NCC Pune.

Vacancies: 80      : Boys- 50, Girls- 30

 Captain Sandip Navale (Dept of Physics) is In charge of ARMY WING NCC

The parades are conducted at NCC Group HQ, Pune / Abasaheb Garware College ground on every Sunday


  • The students can also participate in Signal, Armad and Air Wing NCC under NCC GR. H.Q.Pune 41100





Cadets selected and participated in National level Camps


Sr.No Name Of the Camp 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 Total
1 R.D. Parade Delhi Camp 02 02 01 05 03 13
2 Nau Sainik Camp 05 06 01 04 16
3 Scuba Diving Camp 01 01 01 01 04
4 Malvankar National

Shooting Camp.

01 01 01 03
5 Ship Attachment Camp 03 01 02 06
6 Trekking Expedition Camp 03 03
7 Sailing Expedition Camp 02 02
8 National Integration Camp 02 02
9 Advance/Basic Leadership Camp 01 01
10 Yachting Regatta Camp 02 02
Total Cadets


05 13 13 09 12 52


Cadets joined Armed forces during last five Years


Sr.No. Name of the Cadet Armed forces joined
1 CDT Mayur Badade Indian Navy
2 CAPT. Sanket Pawar Indian Army
3 CDT Shreyash Gaikwad Indian Air Force
4 CDT Sanjay Bavdhane Indian Army
5 CDT Akshay Dhapare Indian Army
6 CDT Prathamesh Chauhan Indian Air Force
7 CDT Shubham Gaikwad Indian Army

Cadets Participated in Republic day Parade camp held at Delhi (Navy, Army & Air wing NCC)


Sr.No. Name of the Cadet RDC Delhi Year
1 Cadet Captain Akash Gorde 2020
2 CPL Nazeem Shaikh 2020
3 CDT Shubhamkar Naidu 2020
4 JUO Aaishwarya Khairnar 2019
5  CDT Jadhav Rutika 2019
6 CDT Akash Thopte 2019
7 CDT Gole Mangesh 2019
8 JUO Aassawary Tanawade 2019
9 SGT Chandrakant Potdaar 2018
10 CDT Kiran Patil 2017
11 CDT Vaibhav  Pole 2017
12 SGT Sagar Patil 2016
13 SGT Akash Rakhunde 2016