MSc Computer Applications: A gateway to the technical career

MSc Computer Applications A gateway to the technical career

Technology, these days has become the ultimate driving force.

The astounding innovations and the electrifying inventions, we are witnessing all of these wonders around with the grace of technology.

The Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and what not?

Sometimes, it’s a riddle that did we create this or are we made out of it?

Yes, the last statement is heavily exaggerated, but the relevance and dependency have actually made us think that way.

Have you ever thought, how reliable are we on the technology and its inventions?

Well, technology has become an integral part of the environment, by far.

We, humans, are seriously unpredictable! Almost half of us are crazy behind the inventions and innovations that the technology has brought to our lives and the remaining are the brains that are wheeling the game called technology.

So, which side are you on?

The user or the creator?

Well, today we are going to discuss a powerful and amusing journey in the garden of technology.

So, let’s begin and hit the ground!

Masters of Computer Applications Program Affiliated to SPPU

We are all introduced to computers in the very initial phase of our learning. Right from the basics to the gut of computers, the journey is very fascinating.

This very course grants you the freedom to explore all the possibilities and experiment against the gravitational bounds of technology.

It opens new doors for innovation and prepares you to become a dynamic creator in the field of computer applications.

Master of Computer Applications is a senior-level, post-graduate program that pioneers professionals to comply with the complex requirements of the IT industry, over and around.

The course structure largely focuses on the planning, designing and building of tedious application software and system software.

MSc Computer Application program under the science faculty affiliated to SPPU covers various aspects from the field of Information Technology, Internet of Things, Computer Science and Industrial training. It’s a two-year course where the students have to undergo four semester exams.

An MSc Computer Application program is a complete professional grooming for students who are willing to make an amazing career in the IT industry. There are various career avenues that an MSc Computer Application graduate can think and excel with such as;  Hardware Technology, Software Development, System Engineering, System Development, Application software, Data Analyst etc.

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Computer Applications

Eligbility criteria for MSc Computer Applications

As MSc Computer Application is a post-graduation level course, the eligibility criteria are a little different and descent, as compared to other such level courses.

If you wish to excel with Masters of Computer Application with Science faculty, you must have accomplished Bachelor of Computer Applications with Science faculty.

The students who have pursued a Bachelor of Science with any major subject are also eligible to excel their desires in the field of computers.

Also, the students who have accomplished a Bachelor in Vocation Courses (IT) can also give a thought for this rational post-graduation program.

All the aspirants have to undergo college level entrance examination to enroll for the course. The entrance exam phenomenon may differ subject to the institute/university that the aspirant is trying for. 

Career Avenues after MSc Computer Applications

According to a study conducted to calculate the growing need of software developers; in 2018 there were 23.9 million software developers in the world. In 2019, this number reached 26,4 million and is expected to grow to 27,7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024.

The above-stated numbers stand the ground for themselves and clearly showcases the increasing employment demand in the field of Computer Science and Applications.

There are dozens of job profiles available for the graduates in the field of computers. Right from Administration, Network, Development, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Database, Design and so on; you just need to sharpen your skills in the right direction and hold on to the right opportunity.

The average income for a fresher Computer graduate ranges somewhere between 2 lacs to 7 lacs per annum, depending upon the job profile and skillsets.

Some of the interesting career paths after MSc Computer Application degree are:

Software Development

The one who can use the inventions made by the technology to hone innovations is known as the Software Developer.

The Software Developers are the ones who develop complex programs and algorithms which are collectively put together to produce or create software.

The software developers are responsible for the smooth functioning software that use in day to day life.

A software developer writes the lines of codes, test the same on several levels and assembles it all together as a complete piece of software for the final usage.

The average annual pay scale of a software developer is around 4 lakhs.

Software Testing

Well, not all the brains are made to think in the same direction. There are some who are delighted to outspread their perspective and look at the same thing from different angles.

These are the testers!

Software Testing, the other side of software development industry where you are given a piece of working code, which is referred to as a build or a subset of a wholesome software, and you have to analyze the functioning, design and other aspects, to the utmost perfection.

Software Testing job could be tedious at times, but is a must-do thing for every software which is being developed.

The automation angle for testing could be explored to get an edge above the other who are competing in the same race.

The average annual pay scale of a software tester is around 4 lakhs.

Master of Science in Computer Applications at MES Abasaheb Garware College

Computer Science Research

As we are talking about the research field, let’s set the limit to the sky as there is no gravity to hold you down in terms of innovations, and you fairly hold the chance to become an inventor through your work.

There are “n” number of paths that you may take if the aim is to contribute to the research sector. The key job profiles in the sector may demand you to assess the project blueprints and fix the feasibility errors, in order to mitigate the risks.

As a researcher, you are expected to have a natural zeal to innovate, great analytical skills to drill the possibilities from all the corners and last but not the least the patience to zero on the right solution to meet the final outcome.

Creating something new and having it recorded after your name is something that adds up a lot of value to this very option in the fields of computer science and research.

The average annual salary of a research assistant in India is approximately 6 lakhs.

Web Designing

What looks good would be sold first!

True that!!!

Now that’s what a Web Designer could do for you.

Creating amusing web page designs that can actually attract and get hold of the eyeballs.

A web designer is solely responsible for the look and feel of a website, coming to the technical aspects; a web designer is committed to creating user-friendly and efficient web designs.

As a web designer, you are expected to have a sound knowledge of computer programming as well as graphics design. The sole composition of these skills can make you stand out as a great Web Designer.

To be very apt about the technologies, HTML and JavaScripts are the driving forces for a great web designer.

Web designers most probably work along with the teams and keep up with the designing needs of the clients.

The average annual salary of a research assistant in India is approximately 2.5 lakhs.

MSc in Computer Applications offers a plethora of opportunities to the aspirants who are willing to contribute or be the face of change in the era of globalization.

Having a solid graduation base could be counted as a strong point, but at the same time choosing the rightly complimenting post-graduation program is vitally important.

The apt theoretical knowledge vends you the confidence to express yourself and on the other hand, the on-point practical experience prepares you to perform your best.

Well, I hope the information shared is highly helpful for you to know all the ins and outs of MSc in Computer Applications.

To blend the essence of knowledge and experience altogether, a diverse learning platform is something one should be looking at.

In the city of Pune, there are various educational giants who are offering excellent curriculum through this course, one such institution is MES Abasaheb Garware College.

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