5 amazing career options in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

5 amazing career options in the beauty and wellness industry

It’s the 21st century. A lot of things have changed; people have started believing in breaking the rustic orthodox mentality over the work culture. Taking up an offbeat career is no more an audacious act.

The unorthodox career option let you choose your passion over the old bracketed bounds of career.

Youngsters of today’s are not told to become doctors and engineers extensively, on the contrary, they are seen pursuing their passion and making wonders!

Offbeat career choices drive out the best in you, it exploits the thinnest particle of creativity out of your mind.

Not only you get to pursue your passion, but also you get paid with a handsome amount enclosed in the envelope of contentment.

Beauty and wellness industries are booming up and above these days. People have started paying attention to the wellness aspects and are ready to spend from their pockets. A career in beauty and wellness could bring up a plethora of opportunities to a newcomer.

If you are willing to explore places, meet new people, make good money and you wish to do all this on your terms, beauty and wellness could be the perfect career choice for you.

Here are the top 5 options to excel a career in beauty and wellness industry that you could take up and shine.

Make-Up Artist

Make-up Artist- Career in Beauty and Wellness

It’s all about the makeovers!!!

Understanding how beautiful a person could look and bringing it to reality, connecting these two dots is what the job you have got to do.

Weddings, parties, events and much more, we are surrounded by a lot of occasions. And, when there’s an occasion, there are makeovers, and possibly the chances for the make-up artists to make money.

This is one of the most booming careers after pursuing the right education in the respective art of makeover.

With the right education and practice, you need to become a pro at identifying the skin contour, face shape then takes out the right pallets and beauty products and start with the makeover process. Vending outstanding makeovers would not only earn you money, but the hearts & smiles won would make you feel worth for what you do.

Makeup artistry is a high-on-demand service, specifically during the wedding season. Pre-wedding shoots, wedding make-ups, bridal makeups and much more.

To be honest, a Makeup artist is a career which would never go out of trend!

You can start as a freelancer and take up projects on your own or you can simply opt-out to join a salon to make good sums, monthly.

The job has become way more professional than ever and the artists are making really good money out of it.

A core vocational course in beauty and wellness could surely help you achieve a great career in beauty and wellness.

Hair Stylist

YES, a Hair Stylist!

When it comes to style statement, people are choosing to be very particular about it. This could be the reason which is why this career choice is up surging continuously.

Creativity and innovation is what fuels this profile. Whenever a new trend hits the market, everyone wishes to try it on themselves.

Hairdressing has always been a must-do thing for every one of us, we have to get it done on the some or the other interval of time. When we refer a career in Hair Styling, it undertakes each and everything, right from trimming your hair for an occasion to trying a different hairstyle to match with the looks of a trending cinestar.

The days are not far when there will be dedicated outlets to get your hair cut, to get your hair coloured, get a hair treatment and much more. The world of glamour is whooping new heights every passing day, and this is what makes this career choice unbeatable and immortal.

Talking about the opportunities, after getting a certified education in hairstyling, you could opt-out to work with a chain of the salon. Working with professionals could help you build and enhance your skills. Once you are at a level, where you could invest for a business of your own, you can start with something at your own.

As things are moving online, theses essential services have also started shifting to the doorstep mode. You can start as a freelancer and get connected with some of the online service vendors. This can also help you grab good clients and serve the best with your innovation.

Nail Artist

YES, you heard it right! You can choose to become a Nail Artist.

If you have got a core of creativity and innovation that can stun people, you could nail this career path.

You just have to be very imaginative and passionate to make justice with the job role.

Nail Artist is a promising freelancing profession which is high on demand. With the right amount of knowledge and essence of creativity, you could easily build a well-paid freelancing profession for yourself.

Once you get to the level, where you can invest in infrastructure, you can think of starting with your own Nail Art Studio. Till then, you can work as a freelancer who is known for his/her work.

Remember, your innovation is the key to this business.


Nutritionist - Career in Beauty and Wellness

Well, do you wish to do something that could keep you synced with the technical aspects?

If YES, then you should preferably choose to become a Nutritionist.

A nutritionist probably deals with the health and nutrition that can help one to achieve a desired health condition and fitness.

You need to possess deep and thorough knowledge about nutrition and foods. Having referred this as a core technical profession, one needs to understand the fundamentals of the human body, metabolism and nutritional values of edibles.

Coming to the technical part of the job, a nutritionist analyzes the lifestyle, eating habits and metabolism of the person who seeks nutritional guidance. According to lifestyle and metabolic activities, nutritionist designs a meal plan.

Several gymnasium and yoga centres hire nutritionists on priority. Because your health conditions depend almost 70% on what you eat and 30% on how much physical activities you perform to keep your metabolism intact.

You can pair up with multiple fitness centres as a freelance nutritionist or can start your practice as a nutritionist.

People whom you are going to advice are going to trust your knowledge and this makes the technical qualification inevitable. Having a core vocational course done in wellness could suffice to start a career in the nutrition field.

Nutrition industry demands core knowledge and this is what makes it to sit at the top in the list of careers in beauty and wellness industry.

Spa Management

Spa Management - Career in Beauty and Wellness

Coming to another technical career choice, Spa Management is surely an option not to be left out.

When we talk about beauty and wellness, Spa and Massage treatments stand no different. You need to pursue the eminent knowledge of essential oils, the significance of each oil, understanding of pressure points in the human body and much more.

It’s all about applying what you learn, to get to the grounds of it, you can enrol to an institute where you can earn the essential wisdom regarding therapeutic spa treatments. During the deal of education, you will get to learn about skin, spa, aromatherapy of essential oils and much more.

To become a skilled professional, you can always take up a job or internship at any renowned spa centre.

MES Abasaheb Garware College is one such a renowned institute that offers a great learning environment for the vocational course in Beauty and Wellness. Building a career with an institute like MES AGC can surely help you lay a strong foundation for a career in Beauty and Wellness industry.