Department Of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1945

  • It is one of the oldest departments in the college
  • Post- graduate program started in 1993
  • Department has well-qualified staff to conduct graduate and post-graduate programs
  • Recognized research centre for Ph.D. program since 2012

General Features

  • Department has separate laboratories for F.Y.B.Sc., S.Y.B.Sc. and T.Y.B.Sc.
  • At T.Y.B.Sc. level, department runs Materials Science and Astrophysics as optional subjects
  • Well developed Laboratory for M.Sc. and Research (Ph.D.)
  • Department has specializaton in Materials Science, Nano Technolgy and Lasers
Photo Name Qualification Experience CV
Dr. Sunita Bhagwat, Vice-Principal, Professor and  Head M.Sc., CSIR (NET), Ph.D. (Material Science 30 years View
Dr. S.M. Rathod, Professor M.Sc. M.Ed. Ph.D. 28 year, 02 month View
Dr. S.V. Gaikwad M.Sc. Ph.D. 29 year,04 month View
Mr. D.K. Kamble M.Sc. 28 year, 02 month View
Dr. P.R. Dusane M.Sc., NET, SET, Ph.D. 17 year, 10 month View
Dr. R S. Patil M.Sc., SET, Ph.D. 12 year, 09 month View
Mr. M B. Kute M.Sc., NET 12 year, 09 month View
Dr. B. J. Patil M.Sc., Ph.D., SET 11 year, 07 month View
Dr. Vinod  N. Dhage M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. 11 year,07 month View
Shri. Yogesh More M.Sc. NET 03 year, 11 month View
Dr. Bhagyashree Satish Nagrare M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. PDF. 07 year, 04 month View
Mr. Nilesh Uttam Chaudhari M.Sc. 04 year,02 month View

Activity Calendar


Departmental library

  • Department of Physics has departmental library for UG and PG students.
  • No. of books in the library = 261

PHYL-79 Awards

  • Department of Physics gives the award to the best all-round, out going student. The activity was started by 1979 Physics batch and Prof. Lagu, the Head of the Department at that time. Well known personalities in the Physics are invited to deliver inspiring lecture and to hand over the prize to the selected student.

Other Prizes

  • Shri. S. N. Pawar Prize and Late Shri. Balkrishna Ogale Prize for the students who secures first and second rank in T.Y.B.Sc.

Physics Association

  • Several Activities like Lectures by prominent personalities, quiz competitions, poster competitions, celebration of National Science Day are carried out for students by the teachers of the department.
  • Physics Association Report 2020-2021.


  • To bring out the hidden talent of the students and ensure the overall development of the students, department organizes an event every year. This is the platform for the students to express their talent. They also carry out social work during the event.

Courses Offered

  1. B. Sc. (Physics)
  2. M. Sc. (Physics)
  3. Ph. D.
  4.  Certificate Course in Scientific Data Plotting and Analysis using Microsoft Excell
  5.  A Short Term Certificate Course On "Nanomaterials' Synthesis, Characterization and Analysis Techniques "
  6. A Short Term Certificate Course on "Introduction to Arduino"

Students' Intake Capacity

F.Y.B.Sc. 400
S.Y.B.Sc. 250
T.Y.B.Sc. 80
M.Sc. I 24
M.Sc. II 24
Certificate Course 30

Physics Association  Inauguration Program of AY 2023-2024 on 15/09/2023

PG students of Department of Physics visited at Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad on 17/02/2023

Physics Association Program on 22/11/2022

PHYL-79 Award Function : April-2022

Physics Association Program : April-2022

Inauguration of Physics Association -2021

Alumni Meet 2019 - On the occasion of Silver Jubilee of PG section


Industrial Visit

Physics Association



No. of Laboratories = 4

Equipment in Department of Physics

  1. Digital Furnace (~1200oc) - 3
  2. Hydraulic Press (~10 Ton)
  3. Ball Mill
  4. Digital Balance - 4
  5. Faraday's Susceptibility Measurement Apparatus
  6. Spray Pyrolysis System
  7. Gas Sensing System
  8. Distillation Plant
  9. Microwave oven
  10. Hysteresis Loop Tracer
  11. Centrifuge -2
  12. pH Meter - 4
  13. Lasers With Various Powers (3mw, 5mw, 10mw, 5-35mw Variable)
  14. Spin Coating System - 2
  15. Autoclave
  16. Oven
  17. UV Cabinet
  18. Magnetic stirrer - 6
  19. Zeeman Effect Apparatus
  20. Michelson Interferometer
  21. G. M. Counter – 2
  22. Four probe Apparatus
  23. Hall effect Apparatus
  24. Digital Oscilloscope
  25. CRO -8
  26. Power Supplies - 10
  27. Signal Generators - 5
  28. Platinum Resistance Thermometer - 2
  29. LCD Projector – 2
  30. Computers – 23
  31. Printers - 6


Area of Interest: Thin and thick films, Gas and Humidity sensing, Green Chemistry, Ferrites, Oxides, Computational Physics
  • No. of Research Guides = 05                                                                                                                                    1) Prof.(Dr.) S.M. Bhagwat 2) Prof.(Dr.) S.M. Rathod 3) Dr. B.J. Patil  4) Dr. V.N. Dhage  5) Dr. S.V. Gaikwad
  • Ph.D. awarded from the center = 04
  • Completed Major Research Projects = 03
  • Completed Minor Research Projects = 06
  • Total amount received = Rs. 50 lac

Publications of the department in the last three years

  •  National and International Journal: 24
  • Paper presented in Conferences: 14