Department Of Chemistry

Message from Head of the Department

Vision Statement: Inclusive Innovation for Sustainable Growth:
I welcome, on behalf of the Department of Chemistry at MES Abasaheb Garware College, Pune 411004. The students get benefited by this Chemistry Department from 11th standard to Ph.D. The department established in 1945 started with UG program and 2 PG programs- Grantable PG Organic Chemistry in 1971 and PG Analytical Chemistry in 1996. Both PGs are in the Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee year respectively. The Department has well qualified team of 16 grantable faculty members, 2 faculties for Non -grantable section and 8 CHB faculties. Presently it has well equipped laboratories for all kind of hands on training in chemistry including, Nanomaterial synthesis, Organic synthesis, photo catalysis, Natural products, Bioinorganic and Biochemistry work etc. Department of Chemistry is a recipient of STAR-DBT College Scheme. The department has DST-Fist sponsored equipment set up with CPDAT (Centre for Product Development and Analytical Testing) which is attracting attention to the students and collaborators. The department is always enthusiastic in conducting various activities and courses for the faculty and students to keep update of advancement in Chemistry. All undergraduates, post graduates and PhD students thereby get full opportunity to participate in co-curricular, extra-curricular and social outreach activities leading to a holistic personality development. Now the department is more focusing on sustainable development in Research and Innovation culture among the students.
Photo Name Qualification Experience CV
Prof.(Dr.) Shobha A. Waghmode, Professor and Head M.Sc., Ph.D., SET 27 years View
Prof.(Dr.) P.D.Sonawane, Vice-Principal, Coordinator - IQAC M.Sc., Ph.D 25 years View
Prof.(Dr.) Varsha Honmore, Professor M. Sc., SET, Ph.D. 17 years View
Dr. S. M. Kasabe, Associate Professor M. Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. 25 year,2 month View
Dr. D.B.Satpute, Associate Professor M.Sc; Ph.D. 19 year,4 month View
Mr. S. N. Dakhane, Associate Professor M.Sc, NET, GATE 10 year,3 month View
Dr. Vidya Kalyankar, Associate Professor M.Sc., NET, Ph.D. 16 years View
Dr. H. R. Pawar, Associate Professor M.Sc, Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), CSIR-NET, SET, GATE 16 years View
Dr. Megha  Biware, Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. 15 years View
Dr. Vijay Mahaling Kasture M.Sc. (Organic, Inorganic), NET, Ph.D. 9 years,8 month View
Dr. Surabhi Shintre M.Sc., CSIR-NET, M. Phil., Ph.D. 8 year,6 month View
Dr. Mrs. Preeti Kulkarni M.Sc., Ph.D. 8 year,6 month View
Dr.N.H.Kolhe M. Sc, Ph.D.,SET  3 year,11 month View
Mr.Sanjay Gaikwad M.Sc, NET  3 year,11 month View
 Mrs. Gauri Amol Bandal M. Sc, NET  4 year, 7 month View
 Dr. Anup N. Kate M. Sc., SET, Ph.D.  3 year,10 month View
Staff Achievements (2020-21) Prof.(Dr.) Shobha A.Waghmode has been granted Indian Patent on photoactive bimetallic CuPd Quantum Dots with patent number 369428.  

Staff Achievements (2015-20)

Dr. Mrs. Shobha A. Waghmode - HOD
  1. Recipient of Summer Research Fellowship from Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and worked with Prof. C.P.Rao , IIT Powai. 2015-16.
  2. Best Teacher Award by Savitribai Phule Pune University 2018-19 and D.Y. Patil University in association with Lions club of Poona, Oct.2016.
Dr. Pramod D. Sonawane
  1. Vice-principal and IQAC Coordinator 2019-20 till date, MES Abasaheb Garware College of Arts and Science
  2. IQAC Coordinator, 2016-17, MES Abasaheb Garware College of Arts and Science
Dr. Sujata M. Kasabe
  1. Best Teacher Award-IIHM -2018
Dr. Varsha S. Honmore
  1. Awarded Ph.D. degree by SPPU, Pune in 2017
Dr. V. K. Kalyankar
  1. Awarded with Ph. D. degree in September 2017 from S.P. Pune University
Dr. HariPawar
  1. Recipient of SAKAL India Loan Scholarship for PhD •
  2. Completed Ph.D 2020
Dr. S. N. Shintre
  1. Awarded Ph.D. degree by SPPU, Pune
Dr. PreetiKulkarni
  1. Presented a poster and won the third prize at the International Conference on Biodegradable Natural Polymers 6th Dec 2018-8th Dec 2019.
Mr. S. G. Gaikwad
  1. Young scientist award by Indian council of chemists, 38th annual conference
Department of Chemistry is dynamic, happening and active in organizing and conducting activities to back-up the students for their all-around developments. Many of these activities provides them a platform to deliver, express, share and nourish their natural talent. Academic, social, cultural, professional, scientific activities combines the essence of these activities. 1.Association of Chemistry Students (ACS): The aims and objectives of this association is to create a platform for the students to encourage participative and inclusive learning through an opportunity to showcase their talent and sharpen their leadership quality. All these activities are planned, organized and executed by the students. Thus, we make a conscious effort to develop an overall personality of the students. Some of the regular activities of the ACS are
  • M.J.Pujari Lecture Competition
  • Late Sachin Bauskar Memorial Lecture
  • Quiz Competition
  • Mendeleev Poster Competition
2. Chemistry Alumni Association: Department of Chemistry has a legacy of one of the oldest departments in college and SPPU. Alumni of Chemistry department are well established in the areas of academics, research and industries. We are keeping our sincere efforts to get in touch with them that helps us in organizing their discussions and guidance to our present students. It helps in bridging the gap between curriculum and practicals.
Saturday Meet
Guest Lectures
3. Guidance Centre for Competitive Examination in Chemistry: For the preparation of competitive examinations such as CSIR-UGC-NET, SET, GATE, IIT-JAM and PG Entrance Examination various workshops, Lecture series are organizsed by the department.

4. Certificate Courses and Skill Development Activities:  In addition to curricular activities eight certificate and crash courses are designed by our chemistry faculties to provide exposure to current topics in Chemistry and interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary as well trans-disciplinary subjects. These certificate courses are counted as credits under the CBCS pattern.

Certificate and Crash Courses

  • Summer Internship Programme in Nanotechnology (UG and PG)
  • Isolation and Synthesis of Flavours and Fragrances (UG and PG)
  • Scientific Writing and Science Communication (UG and PG)
  • Water: The Elixir of Life (UG and PG)
  • Advanced Instrumentation (UG and PG)
  • Skill Development For Employment and Entrepreneurship in Chemistry (UG and PG)
  • Crash Course - CSIR-NET, UGC-SET in Chemical Science (PG)
  • Crash Course - IIT-JAM and University/College M.Sc. in Chemistry Entrance Examination (UG)
Skill Development Programs
  • Industrial Visits and Industrial Training
  • Summer Training for Postgraduate Students
  • Research Projects and Consultancy Services
  • Hands on training workshops
  • Induction program for new entrants
5. Parent-Teacher Meet: In order to keep in touch with the important stake holder of our system, students and parents, we organize an interaction parents through the Parent-Teacher Meet. It helps in understanding the important feedbacks from the parents.

6. Extracurricular Activities :Teachers’ Day, Chemistry Staff Meeting, Get together, Annual gathering, Send-off, Welcome programs, Sports these programs stimulates the cultural, friendly and healthy relationship amongst the students and teachers-student relationship. Cultural program, ‘COVALENCE’ sets a platform for the students to share their talent in sports and cultural activities.


 Certificate course on Water: The Elixir of Life - December 2022 The Fifth batch of certificate course on ‘Water: The Elixir of Life’ was conducted during 1st - 7th December 2022. The course was completed successfully by 23 students of MES Abasaheb Garware College. The first day started with the registration and inauguration. The First day started with measurement of hardness of water which was conducted by Dr. Preeti Kulkarni and Dr. M.V. Biware followed by treatment of water sample by ion exchange chromatography conducted by Dr. Anup Kate and Dr. M.V. Biware. On Second day Dr. Preeti Kulkarni and Varuna Watwe conducted a sesion on treatment of water for removal of chromium followed by its estimation using colorimetry. On third day there was a session at Biotechnology Department on ‘Microbial Analysis of Water’. Students also learned the qualitative and quantitative estimation of alkali metals form water sample using flame photometer. This session was conducted by Dr. Anup Kate. Ms Sneha Pokale conducted a session on COD and Ms Varuna Watwe Conducted session on Advanced oxidation method. On 7th December there was an evaluation of the students based on multiple choice questions followed by valedictory function and lecture by Prof. (Dr.) Shobha Waghmode. Industrial visits were at arranged at Parvati Water Supply Department Pune Municipal corporation and Central Instrumentation Facility SPPU. Resource Persons: Prof. (Dr.) Shobha Waghmode, Dr. Megha Biware, Dr. Maya Khater, Dr. Preeti Kulkarni and Dr. Anup Kate, Ms Varuna Watwe, Ms Sneha Pokale. Non Teaching Staff Assistance: Mr.Gangadhar Wahalkar, Mr. Bapu Langhe Dr. Preeti Kulkarni,  Dr. Anup Kate (Course Coordinators)  Parent-Teacher Meeting Parent Teacher Meeting was organized by Department of Chemistry on 7th Nov 2022 in the college. Around 35 parents of T.Y.B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. II Organic and Analytical Chemistry students attended the meeting. The meeting started with the welcome address and Departmental presentation by the HOD Prof. Dr. Shobha Waghmode followed by the address of Vice Principal Prof. Dr. P.D. Sonawane. This was followed by the introduction and expression of thoughts by all the staff members. Inputs were also given by some of the parents. The meeting was concluded by the Vote of Thanks by Dr. Anup Kate. The PTM was coordinated by Dr. Preeti Kulkarni
Vasundhara Tree Plantation and Watering Activity A field visit was planned for T.Y.B.Sc. Chemistry students on 13th Nov 2022. Around 41 students with four staff members including Head, Department of Chemistry Prof. Shobha Waghmode planted and watered  saplings with  the help of Vasundhara Foundation members on the Vasundhara Hill at Pashan. The activity was coordinated by Dr. Preeti Kulkarni.   ACTIVITIES  DURING ACADEMIC YEAR 2021-2022



F.Y. B.Sc.


S.Y. B.Sc.


T.Y. B.Sc.


M. Sc. – Organic


M. Sc. - Analytical




3 Certificate Courses


Certificate course on Water: The Elixir of Life - December 2022

Parent Teacher Meeting 20022 - 23

Vasundhara Tree Plantation and Watering Activity

Human Periodic Table:

Yoga Nidra

Department of Chemistry & Vasundhara Abhiyan Baner Pune jointly organised Environment Awareness program  for TYBSc chemistry students on 28th December 2021.

Saturday Meet


Certificate Courses

ACE Events

 Laboratory Details:
Sr. No. Name Area (Sq.Ft.)
1 S.Y./T. Y. Lab (Lab-1) 1200
2 T.Y. Physical Chemistry (Lab-2) 600
3 XI/XII/F.Y. (Lab-3) 1800
4 XI/XII/F.Y. (Lab-4) 1200
5 Staff-Room 600
6 HOD Cabin 600
7 Research & Product Development Lab (Renovated) 600
8 M. Sc. Physical Chemistry Lab 1200
9 M. Sc. Organic/Analytical Chemistry Lab 1500
10 Instrumentation Lab 1500
11 Computer Lab 600
12 Changing Room for Non-Teaching staff 80
13 Store room for chemicals 200
14 Acid & Solvent room 100
15 M. Sc-II Organic classroom 200
16 M. Sc-II Analytical chemistry classroom 400
17 Departmental library 200
Major Equipment:
Sr. No. Name of Instrument Make Quantity
1 U. V. Visible spectrophotometer Systronics& Perkin Elmer 1
2 Colorimeter Erma 5
3 Potentiometer Systronics 5
4 Conductometer Eqiptronics 6
5 pH Meter Systronics 6
6 Thermostat Eqiptronics 1
7 Flame Photometer Systronics 1
8 Nephelo/Turbido meter Electronics 1
9 Refractometer Elico 1
10 G.M. Counter E.C. 2
11 Over head projector Opel Instruments 1
12 Suction & vacuum pump J. B. Vac&Shilendra 5
13 Electronic balance Contech 6
14 Microwave oven Raga 1
15 Oven Local 8
16 Refrigerator Whirlpool 3
17 Single Pan Balance Dhona 1
18 Computers P4 Local 14
19 Gas Chromatograph Perkin Elmer 1
20 F T I R Perkin Elmer 1
21 HPLC Perkin Elmer 1
22 U.V. Visible spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer 1
23 Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer Local 1
24 Muffle furnace 4×4×9 with Digital Temperature Controller P-I-D type Perfect Enterprises 1
25 Quartz Photo Reactor with 4 in 1 Multispin magnetic stirrer Anson inc 1
26 Orbital shaker Remi 1
27 LCD-Projector Hitachi 1
28 Spin-coating Unit Millman 1
29 Ice-making machine Blue Star 1
Departmental Library: Departmental has its own library with around 550 books on various subjects like organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic synthesis, natural products etc. This library is functioned with the help of students from post-graduate courses while the books in this library are generously donated by our past students and retired staff members of the department.

Pre-Employment Skills

Placement is a core activity of Chemistry department for graduate and post graduate students. For better professional prospects we guide our students with additional sets of skills apart from regular curriculum and make them competent for future challenges. Consequently in the direction of placement, chemistry department arranges following activities which assist our students to grow in professional environment and also inspire them for entrepreneurship.
  • Personality Development Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Hands On Training on Sophisticated Instruments
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Safety Trainings and Awareness
  • Industrial Visits

Prominent Placements

Department of Chemistry is constantly maintaining interaction with experts from industries. Following are the prominent companies where our students are placed.

Research- 2015-2020

Total 83 publications + 6 patents

Major Areas of Research:
  • CO2 Utilization into fuel
  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Catalytic oxidation and reduction
  • Nanomaterials as catalyst for different applications
  • Photo catalysis
  • Bioinorganic and Biochemistry
  • Polymer membranes