Department Of Library Science


Library in any organization plays very crucial role in the academic enhancement of the institution. In this rapidly changing information technology environment to cater to the diversified information needs of the users and to efficiently manage the library these personnel (staff) require certain skills. Library and information curriculum is entrusted for this task to empower the upcoming generation with this relevant knowledge. Thus the role of library and information science departments are also vital.

It is started in 1945 along with the establishment of the college. The library works as an important central support system for the entire college. It caters to the information needs of Arts and Science disciplines and serves as knowledge center for Junior, Senior, Post Graduate as well as Research Centers of all the Departments in the College.

The Maharashtra Education Society's, Abasaheb Garware College has started the Bachelor of Library and Information Science in 1992. It got permanent affiliation in 2006.Looking at the increasing demand of the students the college also started Master of Library and Information Science in 2009.

To develop over all personality of the students this department organizes several co-curriculum and extracurricular activities in which the students are encouraged to participate. Guest lectures by eminent personalities in the flied are frequently organized for their academic enrichment.


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Photo Name Qualification Experience CV
Dr. Mrs.Vandana Shelar BSc, MA,B.Lib.I.Sc,  M.Lib.I.Sc, NET, PhD 20 years View
Dr. Ajay M. Pandit B.Sc, PG.DCA,  B.Lib.I.ScM.Lib.I.Sc, SET, MA, PhD 27 years View

  1.  Department of Library and Information Science is  organizing different Activities .

  • Granthotsav ( Grant Book Exhibition of 12 Publishers / Vendors under One Roof)
  • SarswatiPoojan
  • Celebrartion of Dr. S.R.Ranganathan's Birth Anniversary.
  • Information Literacy Program for fresh students of our college.
  • Workshop and Seminars
  • Library on Wheels
  • Book- Talk
  • BabasahebAmbedkarJayanti 14th April ( 14 hours study)
  • 26th November ( Constitutional Day)
  • VachanPrerna Din
  • Shalapravesh Din
  • Study Visit

    2.  Guest Lectures

    Guest Lecture/Visiting Faculty
    Sr.No. Name of Library Year
    1. MrsSujataPawar, Ashwini Thakur, Shri. V.V.Lele&Dr.Meenal Oak. 2015-16
    2. Dr.R.R.Sakhare, Dr.CharuduttaGandhe, Mr.DineshSonawane, Dr.Manojkulkarni, Mr.Ghatekar, Ashwini Thakur, MrsSujataPawar, Dr.Meenal Oak, Dr.JayashriKanetkar, Dr.NeelaDeshpande&Dr.MohanKamble. 2016-17
    3. MahendraKamble, SupriyaKuber, Dr.Meenal Oak, 2017-18
    4. MahendraKamble, ArtiBorade&Ashwini Thakur. 2018-19
    5. ArtiBorade&Ashwini Thakur. 2019-20

    3. Study Visit

    Study  Visit
    Sr.No. Name of Library Year
    1. JaykarKnowlwdge Knowledge Resource Center 2017-18
    2. SNDT Unversity Branch Library 2017-18
    3. CDAC 2018-19
    4. TATA Instititute of Social Sciences 2018-19
    5. YASHADA 2018-19
    6. IISER Pune 2018-19

Saraswati Pujan 2016

Granthotsav 2017

'VachanPrerna Divas' (Reading Day) 2017

SaraswatiPujan 2018

Constitution Day (संविधान दिवस) 2018

Saraswati Pujan 2019

Granthotsav 2019

'VachanPrerna Divas' (Reading Day) 2019

नवोन्मेष (Navonmesh) programme2018-19
White Cane Safety Day 2019

State Level Workshop on Digital Contents and Role Of Academic Libraries 23rd & 24th Jan, 2020

I. Bachelor of Library and Information Science (One year, Semester Course)

Establishment: 1991-92. Eligibility: The course shall be open to graduates (in any subject) of any recognized university Duration of the Course: One year Medium of Instruction: English but students can write their exams in English and Marathi No. of Seats: 30

II. MLIS. (Masters of Library and Information Science)

Establishment: 2009 Eligibility: The course shall be open to first class BLISC students from any recognized university on open merit bases. Duration of the Course: One year Medium of Instruction: English but students can write their exams in English and Marathi No. of Seats: 24 As these courses are affiliated to University of Pune we follow the guidelines and syllabus provided by University of Pune. Special features: Different teaching methods with personalized carrier guidance and good placements.


The Past students of this department are holding different position in library and Information science fields. Some of them are working in research and IT sectors also. Many of them work as a trainee in Jayakar Library.
Students Achievements
List of Students Passed SET/NET
Sr.No. Name of Students Year
1. SupriyaKuber&KiranLohokare 2015-16
2. Sanjay Togam&PoojaBhujabal 2016-17
3. PayalKadu 2017-18
4. NageshwarKondaGurle, Mahindra Kamble, SatishDurgam, RajkumarMunzan, PrashantVanshiv, PoojaBhujabal, TruptiGarud, AparnaBhosale&SantoshPawar 2018-19
5. Manish Parmar 2019-20
Students Achievements/Activities  
Sr.No. Prizes 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
1 कै. दिलीपपद्माकरगोवित्रीकरपारितोषिक महिंद्राकांबळे माधवीगवळी प्रशांतवनशिव स्वप्नालीशिर्के निकिता भालेराव प्राजक्ताराजे
2 कै. विशवनाथगोविंदजोशीमेमोरियलपारितोषिक पायलकडू माधवीगवळी प्रणितागोसावी स्वप्नालीशिर्के निकिता भालेराव प्राजक्ताराजे
3 कै. जीएमभागवतकोल्हापूरआणिउमाबाईजीभागवतमेमोरियलपारितोषिक पायलकडू शुभांगीचौधरी संतोषपवार स्वप्नालीशिर्के मोहिनी माटे प्राजक्ताराजे
4 कै. केशवभिकाजीघाणेकरपारितोषिक महिंद्राकांबळे अंकिताधुमाळ प्रशांतवनशिव चेरीलपव्हे मनीष परमार, तुषार मारटकर, मुर्णाली चव्हाण, मोहिनी माटे प्राजक्ताराजे
5 कै. अनंतजोशीपारितोषिक अमृताखरे माधवीगवळी प्रशांतवनशिव स्वप्नालीशिर्के, निकिता भालेराव रोहनभालेराव
6 कैडीडब्लूशेवडेपारितोषिक पायलकडू माधवीगवळी प्रशांतवनशिव स्वप्नालीशिर्के निकिता भालेराव प्राजक्ताराजे
7 कै. राधाबाईविशवनाथलेलेपारितोषिक माधवीगवळी शुभांगीचौधरी पायलकडू प्रशांतवनशिव अश्विनी चिकटे मनीषपरमार