Department Of Geography

Department of Geography-Establishment: 1977

Geography subject has been taught at special level in senior college Arts stream & junior college level to Arts & Science stream. Geography Department has one permanent staff member namely Dr. Avinash Narayan Shelar, Assistant Professor and Head in the senior college. Dr. Abhinav Kurkute & Nayan Gaikwad are working on temporary basis. Two staff members, Mrs. Tribhuvan & Pandurang N. Jawale are working in the junior college. Shri Umesh Dhondge is the Lab attendant in the department. Department of Geography has “Geography Association” i.e.,"भूगोल मंडळ", which conducts various activities for the students with the help of student representatives. Faculty and students in the department participates in the following activities
  • Newspaper cuttings & articles on recent environment & geography related issues are displayed on notice/display board.
  • Group discussion, Slide shows, Film shows & PowerPoint presentations are arranged for the students, which helps them to acquire different aspects of subject.
  • The department arranges socio-economic & geographical surveys of the villages. Faculty members provides the information and explain the methodology. The intention of this type of fieldwork is to get familiar with the existing conditions and to develop research ability in the students.
  • Department arrange the visits to various institutions like IMD, Central Water Power Research Station (CWPRS), Agricultural Exhibitions (Kisan) etc.
  • Department of Geography also arranges lectures of eminent personalities on different subjects related to geography. Every year department arranges short & long study tours for students. Students visit geographically interested areas. During the conversation with teachers, students are supposed to note down their observations regarding changes in the climate, relief, soil type, rock, natural vegetation, cropping patterns & identification of physical features. With the help of Toposheets and GPS instrument they can develop their knowledge. Students also visit different urban centres & study the urban patterns of development & their problems.
  • Geography subject is taught at ‘General’ and ‘Special’ level. Department has three batches for Y/ T.Y.B.A Geography special (12 students per batch).
Geography Department- Subjects  
No Paper Code Paper Title of the Paper
FYBA (Geography)-Semester I
1 Gg.110 (A) CC – 1A Physical Geography
FYBA (Geography)-Semester II
1 Gg.110 (B) CC – 1B Human Geography
SYBA (Geography)-Semester III
1 Gg: 210(A) G2-CC1 C Environmental Geography I
2 Gg: 220(A) S1-DSE 1A Geography of Maharashtra – I
3 Gg: 201(A) S2-DSE 2A Practical Geography – I (Scale and Map Projections)
4 (Value/skill based course) SEC-2A Introduction to Geographical Information System (GIS)  
SYBA (Geography)-Semester IV
1 Gg: 210(B) G2-CC1 D Environmental Geography II
2 Gg: 220(B) S1-DSE 1B Geography of Maharashtra – II
3 Gg: 201(B) S2-DSE 2B Practical Geography – II (Cartographic Techniques, Surveying and Excursion / Village / Project Report)
4 (Value/skill based course) SEC-2B Introduction to Remote Sensing  
TYBA (Geography)-Semester V
1 Gg: 310(A) G3-CC1 E Geography of Tourism- I
2 Gg: 320(A) S1-DSE 1C Geography of Rural development -I
3 Gg: 301(A) S2-DSE 2C Practical Geography – I (Techniques of Spatial Analysis)
4 (Value/skill based course) SEC-2C Research Methodology – I
TYBA (Geography)-Semester VI
1 Gg: 310(B) G3-CC1 F Geography of Tourism -II
2 Gg: 320(B) S3-DSE 1D Geography of Rural development -II
3 Gg: 301(B) S4-DSE 2D Practical Geography – II (Techniques of Spatial Analysis, Surveying and Excursion / Village / Project Report
4 (Value/skill based course) SEC-2D Research Methodology – II
Photo Name Qualification Experiance CV
Dr. Shelar Avinash Narayan M. A. (Geography), NET; PhD.  -    Asst. Prof. and Head. 9 year,0 month View
Mr. Abhinav Kurkute M.A.; M.Phil, Ph. D, NET. View

Department of Geography always puts extra efforts on academic improvement of students by conducting the various activities like guest lectures, study tours and visits. A visit to the various academic institutes is a part of syllabus hence teachers and student visit to Indian Meteorological Department, Pune, Agricultural Exhibitions and geographical interested places around the Pune. In each academic year department conducts long and short study tour/field excursion. “Remedial Coaching Programme” for SYBA and TYBA Geography students and IIRS outreach programs department has conducted. This programme is sponsored by National Natural Recourses Management System (NNRMS), Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO). Department has conducted “Certificate Course in Travel and Tourism”. Geography department also celebrate Geography Day (Bhugol Din).



Major equipments are-
  1. LCD Projector
  2. Laptop
  3. Mirror Stereoscope
  4. Pocket Stereoscope
  5. Aerial Photographs & Satellite Images
  6. Surveying Instruments- Plane Table, Prismatic Compass and Dumpy level
  7. GPS- Global Positioning System
  8. Computer lab with internet facility.
  9. Hwake LRS Pro
  10.  Sokkia Auto level B-40